About Us


At The Payroll Works, we don’t just generate paychecks – we provide comprehensive payroll services and human capital management for small businesses who are looking for a trusted payroll advisor.  Maybe you’re a small business owner who is fed up with hidden fees, missed deadlines, and being stuck on hold with your current provider.  Or perhaps you’re a small business owner who would rather be pursuing your passion and growing your business than spending your time and energy on payroll.  Enter The Payroll Works. We specialize in small business payroll. We know how challenging it can be to run a small business, and we are passionate about providing outstanding payroll services so you can be assured that your payroll is run correctly – the first time, every time.


Audra Davis

The Payroll Works Owner – Audra Davis

The Payroll Works provides hands-on solutions for payroll processing on a weekly, biweekly, semi-monthly, monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. Beyond our processing services, The Payroll Works offers you these benefits:

• Cost-effective: Our straightforward pricing makes it easy to budget your payroll costs. We will customize a payroll plan that works for your business. No hidden fees, just personalized service at competitive prices.

• Personal: When you call or email The Payroll Works, you won’t get stuck in a never-ending queue waiting for an answer. Every one of our payroll specialists can help you and find the answer you need.

• Dependable: We focus on all the details of payroll, and stay up-to-date with changes to payroll legislation and tax codes so you stay compliant.

• 24/7 Access: The Payroll Works online portals mean you can securely access your payroll information anytime, anywhere. Traveling for business or taking a much-needed break from the office? Simply log on and keep up with your payroll.

• Employee Self-Service: Employees can access paystubs, W2s, and important communication from you online, anytime. Changes to address and direct deposit can also be made by the employee. With today’s tech-savvy workforce, this easy access will help keep your employees happy.

• Compliance: The Payroll Works stays on top of ever-changing tax codes and payroll legislation … so you don’t have to. We keep you compliant and updated on what you need to know.