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Audra Davis, the owner of The Payroll Works, has worked in the accounting industry for 30 years, mostly in accounting and bookkeeping with a little bit of payroll as well. She noticed a real need for small businesses like yours to obtain a local payroll provider, someone besides the person on the other end of an 800 number. You need someone local, someone who is on your side, someone who cares about your business and can handle all of your needs, especially as your business grows; so she decided to start The Payroll Works and focus on bringing solutions to small business owners.

The Payroll Works operates like Paychex, ADP, and similar national companies, but we do it on an intimate, local scale. This gives clients the opportunity to work directly with the same person every time – someone they know and trust, rather than some stranger on the other end of an 800 number. We pride ourselves on supporting our local community. We are invested in making your business successful.

The Payroll Works offers a full spectrum of services for small businesses. Check out our featured solutions on the “Hire on the Go” and “Employer on the Go” pages. The rest of our solutions are listed below.

payroll servicesPayroll Services

Our payroll services are designed to get your employees paid. We offer options for direct deposits, traditional paychecks, wage garnishments, and tax payments. We are full service. Your only responsibility is to report your hours and provide us with information on employees (such as W-4s and things of that nature). It’s simple and cost effective. Our payroll services reduce your stress levels. You send us the above information, and we handle the rest for you.

Other benefits include:

  • One-on-one customer service
  • Online, email, telephone, or fax reporting
  • Unlimited earning and deduction codes
  • Local check printing
  • Live checks, direct deposit, or payroll debit cards
  • Email reminders
  • General Ledger and QuickBooks import options
  • 401k retirement plans

Timekeeping Solutions

We are partnered with Time Clock, which has over a quarter century of experience with designing time and attendance solutions to fit your needs. They specialize in modern, web-based timekeeping solutions. They even offer a slew of cool gadgets, like finger-print ready clocks which prevent employees from punching their buddy’s time card. Another example is the proximity badge. Unlike magnetic or barcode badges, proximity badges don’t have to be swiped. Your employee can bring the card within a few inches of the time clock and the reader will pick up the signal. Time Clock even has a mobile app. If you have employees that travel to different job sites, they can log in and pin their GPS location. Then you know if they are truly at the job site, or they’re sitting at StarBucks sipping on a Pumpkin Spice Latte. These timekeeping solutions save you money. They ensure you’re only paying employees for the time they actually worked.

Other Benefits Include:

  • Automated employee time card approvals
  • Employee self-managed time cards
  • Employee announcements
  • Employee clocked-in or clocked-out status
  • Notes for time cards
  • Time off requests

workers compPay as You Go Workers Comp

Pay As You Go Workers Comp combines easily with our payroll software. Each time we run a payroll, a file is sent to the workers comp provider. They calculate the exact premium. Then they deduct that premium from the employer’s bank account. You no longer need to deposit money up front, and you can avoid major audits at the end of the year. You pay the exact amount of workers comp you owe, and no more. This service requires no extra work from you. It’s integrated with our payroll software. It happens automatically.

Other Benefits Include:

  • Unlimited “ask the pro” consulting
  • Employee handbooks
  • Up-to-the-minute ticket tracker
  • Custom job descriptions
  • Custom HR documents
  • Quarterly harassment prevention training
  • HR concierge live chat assistance

background checksBackground Checks

We run our background checks through the National Crime Search. Not only do they offer background checks and DMV searches, they also provide drug testing should you need it. After this intense scrutiny, you can be certain of your prospective employee’s history. You can judge their trustworthiness. Are they employable? Or is something hiding in their background that they don’t want you to know about?

hr servicesHR Services

We maintain a partnership with a human resources service called HRAnswerLink. We offer two types of subscriptions for clients. The first grants access to an online library of HR resources. It’s more a do-it-yourself type subscription. You can look up a subject, such as “how do I fire an employee” or “what should my meal policy be”.

The second type of subscription is HR On-Demand. It grants you access to a live human resources expert. They will answer all your questions, and even write your employee manuals and policies. If you need a custom policy written, call them up and give them the specifics. They take care of the rest. For only $49 per month, it’s a steal. Every small business needs this kind of resource, but few operate with a budget large enough to maintain their own in-house HR department. With HR On-Demand, you can handle any situation that arises with your employees, both confidently and according to the law.

The History of the Owner

At The Payroll Works, intimacy is our motto. When you sign up for our services, we will work closely with you on a personal level. Trust is paramount. As such, we feel it’s important to offer you a brief history of our business and owner. With it, you’ll know with certainty that your business is in safe hands.

I was born and raised in Napa, and worked at an accounting firm for about 25 years. I helped them grow from a small firm to a much larger firm. I did everything there that you can think of. One of those jobs was running payroll. Of course things have changed over the years. I moved up to Redding where my husband was originally from and decided to start my own business. I performed accounting, bookkeeping, and tax services, but there was always that payroll service that kept popping up. So I finally decided to go into the payroll business and support small businesses in my local community of Redding. I wanted to help them from the ground up – be a full service business. At The Payroll Works, our goal is to support employers from the moment they decide to hire an employee. We offer solutions for hiring and onboarding staff, payroll services, and even offer support when an employer needs to fire an employee. We have HR solutions to help employers understand that process. It’s difficult for the small business owner to really know and stay on top of Human Resource rules and laws as they change constantly. So we offer a variety of ancillary products to help employers get new employees in the door, keep them, and then eventually – when the need arises to fire someone – give some assistance in that process as well.

I’ve never stopped learning. You can’t, you’ve always got to continue learning, pushing yourself, expanding your services, and keeping up with technology. When I started this 30 years ago, it was a much more paper-driven business, with ledgers and things of that nature that you had to hand write. Now it’s QuickBooks, timekeeping software, tax software, and websites. Staying on top of all of the latest technologies and tax laws is a competitive advantage. A lot of what I do on a daily basis involves keeping myself informed, up-to-date, and being willing to trying new things.

Why Customers Stay

The quality of our services keeps our customers coming back. We enjoy what we do and take it seriously. We care for our clients, and that comes through. Most clients aren’t into the numbers. That’s not what’s important to them. What’s important is our relationship. What’s important is that they know the person on the other end of the phone has their best interest at heart. That person will make it their mission to track down any answers they don’t know. Also, our pricing structure is a monthly based service, so clients know what to fees to expect each month. There are no surprises.


We are a member of the American Payroll Association (APA), which helps us keep current on all the payroll rules and regulations. They provide the training that we undergo. It ensures we are on top of all the payroll laws. We are a member of the California Society of Enrolled Agents and the National Association of Enrolled Agents. They help us stay up-to-date with tax law changes (which of course are constant and never ending). We’re also a member of PASBA (Professional Association of Small Business Accountants). It’s a national organization of over 200 accountants that meet throughout the year to exchange notes on how to run an effective practice, how to maintain healthy client relationships, and how to be a good business owner.